Dongguan Wellsource Water Treatment Co.,Ltd. Is a total solution company to exploiture & application of water-treatment system. With international one-up technologies and experienced engineers, we provide professional solutions for PCB waste water, plating waste water, painting/coating waste water, dyeing waste water and municipal wastewater. Wellsource offer technics design, facility facture, installation, commissioning and maintenance to applications: electronics industry, Pharmaceuticals, mining, chemical industry, light industry, auto-manufacturing, boiler, food and beverage etc. We offer ultrapure water, reverse osmosis water, brine desalination, zero-discharge, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater treatment solutions.


Guangdong Wellsource Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
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Facilities yield and provide

Membrane/pure water: EDI, Reverse osmosis/RO, Nanofiltratio n/NF, Ultrafiltration/UF, Membrane deoxidized etc.
Ion Exchange: Softening, Cation and Anion Ion Exchange Resin, Mixed .
Resin Pre-treatment: Integrated Water Cleaner, Clarifier, Mechanical Filter, Multi-media Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Iron and Manganese Remover, Precious Filter, Micro-filtrations etc.
Wastewater Treatment: Settle Facilities, Floatation Facilities, Case, Chemical Dosing, Bio-reactor, Oxidation Tank etc.
Cooling water treatment for Center Air Conditioner and Refrigeration.

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